Knowledge is power!
Gather wisdom and expertise from these powerful resources in order to better lead and equip your missional community to grow as disciples who make disciples! 
What’s the best place to start?
Watch this intro video and this overview video  about Missional Communities. Then, begin snooping through these other resources and join us at our next training event. We can’t wait to talk and pray with you and support you however we can!   
Missional Community Resource Library
Let us know if you discover additional resource that we might add to this library!
Local Training Events
Gather every other month with people who seek to grow as leaders in Missional Community leaders. Contact Ann for info at 410-507-9480
Super Helpful Books 
Missional Communities by Reggie McNeal
Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt
Transformed by Caesar Kalinowski
Slow is Fast by Caesar Kalinowski
MC Core Group Studies
Making Space Study by Jeff Vanderstelt
Gospel Fluency and Handbook by Jeff Vanderstelt
by Caesar Kalinowski