You can grow.

We can help.

Growth isn’t just for kids. The truth is that we were meant to grow until we die!  Follow the steps below which includes taking the Spiritual Growth Assessment, creating a Spiritual Growth Plan and utilizing resources to help you grow! Count on us to be there to help you grow this year
3 Steps to Spiritual Growth:
Click here to take this simple 5-question assessment. You’ll immediately receive tailored recommendations for growth steps based upon your unique responses, which you can use to build growth plan in step 2.
Step 2: Create your personalized Plan for Growth
Click here to download our template in order create your plan for spiritual growth.
Step 3: Use available resources
As you build your Plan for Growth, use both your assessment results and any of the resources below. Need support? Just reach out, and we’ll support you however we can!
Spiritual Growth Resources
Watch these messages in order to dig deeper into the five aspects of spiritual growth, including the Biblical foundations and philosophy that frames our Surprise Spiritual Growth Assessment tool.
Writing My Faith Story 

Part 1: In The Beginning

This app will empower you to meditate on scripture and even improve your sleep!
This app has many resources for reading the Bible and setting up plans based upon your needs and goals. You can even invite others to join and discuss with you!
This app aims to help rebuild the habit of enjoying and applying scripture to our lives.
This app provides short videos & resources to help you understand sections of scripture before you read them.
This app pairs beautifully with the Filament Bible to explain the people, themes, and the background of each page.
The most practical book on prayer you’ll find. Reset your prayer life in twenty days as you learn to read, journal, and pray about scripture.
Pray with expectancy and hope with the help of this inspiring and thought-provoking book!
Rediscover the heart of God so that you can reclaim a healthy picture of following Him in the family of faith.
This intellectual and inspiring book has 125 daily readings that draw the reader to see God as the all-satisfying presence we truly crave.
Click to download & print the assessment in order to identify your strength and growth areas while making plans for your next steps. This simple tool gives you a different slant regarding your spiritual growth than does the one we’re using above, and it may help to give you some additional ideas as you create your plan!