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It begins with an invitation.

In a world that expects us to think of ourselves first, we’ll show the power of a simple invitation and its ability to change lives. This month, we’ll share some amazing stories both from Scripture and from the Surprise community that show how lives can change when we care enough to invite. You are invited to I Invited, August 2022.
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 The why behind worship.

Aside from a karaoke bar or rock concert, people rarely get together and sing, despite the fact that our voices are built-in instruments designed to praise the God who made us. We lift our voices together to honor the Creator, unite around His good plans, and declare him to the world. Find out Why We Sing this September at Surprise Church! 
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Teach the world to taste again.

Jesus calls his followers the salt of the world. He says we can season our cities in a way that makes life richer and more hopeful for others, and he “sprinkles” us in the places that most need his guidance and grace. He also warns us that we can lose our saltiness if we don’t guard it and use it as he intends.
This summer, learn how to season your city with the grace of God. Surprise Church invites you to Salt, staring May 29. Click to plan your visit >>

Curiosity is human.

Dogs can’t do it, trees and bugs don’t bother and it doesn’t occur to baboons. Only humans were created with the ability to ask questions about the world around us. A starry sky makes us ponder the origin of life, while human suffering sparks curiosity about life’s meaning.
But where do we turn for answers? News organizations seem biased. Government and scientific authorities can be swayed by ideology. Educational and religious institutions are even viewed with increasing suspicion, all of which makes us wonder, “Who can we trust?”
We need space to ask Good Questions
and consider wise answers.
Surprise Church invites you to a teaching series where YOU set the agenda. We’ll respond to YOUR questions each week with the help of good research, Biblical insight, and common sense.
What’s behind the curtain?
From aliens to ghosts… from the big bang to the afterlife, humans long to understand reality. The Bible may not answer every question we ask, but it does give powerful insight about what is really out there and why it matters. Starting February 27, Surprise Church invites you to accept reality, as we journey through the ancient Book of Colossians.
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