Current series:
It’s time to Reconnect.
Humans were created “in the image of God,” a unique quality that binds us together and separates us from rocks, dogs, and trees. But today, we’ve forgotten God’s image in ourselves and others, interacting more with screens than actual human beings and struggling with isolation as a result. Surprise Church invites you to Reclaim the image of God by Reconnecting with God’s people.
Join us for Reconnect, starting September 10. Visit Surprise >>
Upcoming Series
The End is already here!
The Book of Revelation is often seen as a scary list of future disasters, but few people learn what this letter truly says and means for our lives today. The reality is that the End has already come in Jesus, which changes everything! Join us for a journey through this spellbinding book to discover how to live with courage and hope in God’s closing chapters of human history. Visit Surprise >>
Prior series:
You just never know.
We’ve seen countless stories in which people invited a friend to church and watched their lives change for the better. When someone we know and trust welcomes us to experience God in a fresh way, it opens a door to a faith-filled community that unlocks God’s future. Join us for a teaching series that explores the power of Inviting, including some of the powerful stories of life-change that we have seen at Surprise Church!  Visit Surprise >>

Because He loves you.
Don’t let summer rush past without accepting the Gifts that God has for you in His Word. We’ll unpack a single Bible verse each week, which you can commit to memory or put on your fridge as a reminder of the hope you have in Jesus. Surprise Church invites you to the Summer Soak! Visit Surprise >>

Complexity causes actual pain.

Join us on a journey from chaos to healing.
In a world of expanding options and constant distractions, you must learn to:
  • Renew your mind
  • Love your body
  • Trust some people
  • Clear your calendar
  • Track your wallet
  • Shed some stuff
Surprise Church invites you to a fuller, deeper, and richer version of life. Join us for 6 Ways to Simplify, starting Sunday, April 16.   Visit Surprise >> 

Life is right under your nose.

We spend lots of time and energy trying to escape the mundane moments of life. From waiting in line to catching a virus, you feel like you’re missing out unless it’s fun, flashy, or feels good. 
But as we read the Biblical Book of James, we discover that we were created for the ordinary moments that we often try to escape. That 99% of life that isn’t fireworks turns out to have meaning after all, because that’s when God forms us and shapes us.
Surprise Church invites you to listen to James and Embrace the Ordinary. March 2023.
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