Current teaching series:
Don’t let fear win.
Fear is normal at times like this, but it doesn’t have to win the day. If we learn to manage anxious feelings, we become stronger and more hope-filled human beings, and we encourage everyone around us.
This series will combine practical tips and Biblical wisdom to give you the ammunition you need to face fear head on.  Watch Don’t Be Afraid this Sunday >>
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It ain’t about money.
Just has busyness has little to do with time, generosity has little to do with how much we have. Rather, it’s about our faith and the condition of our hearts. In truth, people give LESS as they make MORE, which means that people can feel “broke” at any income level. Tragically, when we feel unable to give, our vision is limited to getting, keeping, and trading, and we miss countless opportunities to enriching others.
The great news is that our Giveability increases with our faith.
In March, we’ll challenge ourselves to take a joy-based Giveability step as a response to God’s grace. We hope you’ll join in discovering your infinite potential to enrich others.
Join us for Giveability, starting March 2020.

Love songs express our desire to treasure someone deeply. If we listen carefully to these anthems, we hear echoes of the deepest form of Love, in which human relationships find their origin. From the chorus of I Got You Babe to the text of an ancient hymn, every note whispers that humans were created to participate in the harmony of God’s loving chorus.
So warm up your singing voice and join us for Lovesongs, starting February 9.

Can you speak Good News? 

Forget about religion for a minute. Just imagine your faith poking into every area of life as you naturally and comfortably find yourself talking about faith. Becoming Gospel-fluent allows us to share the Good News of Jesus in words that connect with people who need it, whether family or coworkers. Surprise Church invites you to learn a new language this January.  Join us for Gospel Fluency, starting December 29. 









Go ahead and say it. 

Millions of people have lived without knowing God’s true name, while those who do often take it for granted or use it carelessly. This Christmas, we’ll open the Gift of God’s name, a gift that comes with directions for how and when to use it in order to change the world. If you’ve ever felt a desire for a more personal and powerful walk with God, Surprise Church invites you to In His Name, starting December 1. 

We own nothing. 

Everything–from our houses and cars to our kids and bodies–are temporary gifts to manage for a short while. As the saying goes, God gives, and God takes away. So instead of feeling overly protective of “my stuff,” we get to temporarily care for God’s stuff. This changes how we budget, save, give and live. Join us for God-given, starting October 27.
I’ll be there for you!
We all want friends that kind of friend… who will be there through thick and thin.  But in our disconnected culture, in which we’re more likely to send a text than meet for coffee, people are more feeling more disconnected than ever.  
This teaching series will explore how to cultivate the meaningful relationships that add joy and meaning to life. Join us for Friends this Sunday, 9:30 or 11 AM at Shiloh Christian School.

82* of people would go to church… if they were invited.  

Surprisingly, most people in our lives are open to faith. As we learn how to develop authentic relationships, inviting becomes a natural way to change lives! 
You are invited to 82%, starting July 28.
*Study cited in The Church Growth Flywheel by Rich Birch
Don’t miss the power. 
Baptism as no boring rite of passage. It’s the elevation of our identity to the highest level (divine royalty!). Join us on July 14 and 21 to discover what it means to be baptized or initiated into God’s family, and join us on August 11 to experience this gift in your own life! 

B.L.E.S.S. Somebody!
We are “blessed to be a blessing,” but what does that actually mean, and how do we do it?  This summer at Surprise, you’ll learn 5 simple steps for blessing people in your life and neighborhood. You’ll discover Jesus’ method of listening and sharing stories over a meal, which can feel as natural as breathing. It’s all part of the Great Summer Grill Adventure! 
Join us for Blessing Bismarck this Sunday at 10:30 AM. Remember that we’ll gather on Sunday, May 26 at the Belle Mehus Auditorium and then return to Shiloh Christian School starting Sunday, June 2.
Blessing Bismarck visual aid (downloadable PDF)

Previous series:

He’s kind of a big deal.
Jesus is the most known and impactful human that ever lived, and it’s not even close. But most of us have a lot of questions about him.  Join us for a series that will explore the person and legacy of Jesus Christ, his impact on history, and his relevance to each of our lives.
Join us for Who Is This Man at 9:30 & 11 AM
starting Sunday, April 28 at the Belle Mehus Auditorium.*
*After April 28, Surprise will return to our normal location of Shiloh Christian School.
*See our schedule for Easter at Belle Mehus.  
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