The Heart of Surprise Church
Many organizations have membership, which usually conveys privileges to those who opt in or pay a fee. At Surprise, we’re building pathway to belonging by which people may embrace our church and its mission, which we call Covenant Partnership.


Surprise Covenant Partners are inspired by Jesus’ words in Luke 15:11-32 to build a community of “good older brothers,” who love one another deeply and welcome lost people into God’s family. 

Partners accept God’s invitation to live out their callings as Jesus’ chosen people on God’s mission to save the world. What begins as we gather together is fulfilled as we share God’s grace in our homes, schools, and workplaces. This is not a church-calling, but a life-calling, aimed to fill the world with the presence of Jesus (Ephesians 4:10-12). 

In our consumeristic and disconnected society, the counter-cultural community that Surprise Partners are building transforms both lives and cities.  Furthermore, it solidifies the core group of individuals whom the church can intentionally shepherd, invest in, and empower (I Peter 5:2). Surprise will ensure that Partners receive the support and care needed for living on God’s mission, while relying upon them as trusted advisors. 
The Partnership Process
  • Step 1: Request/agree to enter the Covenant Partnership process 
  • Step 2: Be assigned a Sponsor/Care Team Member to walk you through the process
  • Step 3: Schedule several dialogues with your sponsor as you walk through the Surprise 101 content and related materials.   
  • Step 4: Upon completion of the process, submit the Partner Commitment form  
  • Step 5: Be publicly recognized when confirmed as a Covenant Partner in worship
  • Step 6: Annually reflect upon your partnership journey with your Sponsor/Care Team member, relying upon that individual as needs arise.
Contact Cyndi Smith (Congregational Care Director):