Take a look at our financial priorities at Surprise, including how each dollar given is used to change lives. Thank you for partnering with us on our mission to be the Surprise of God to a World in need!  
Invest in changing lives!
Surprise Church is helping families win, planting churches, and transforming
cities because of generous partners like you. Thanks a million!
*GREAT NEWS! We have upgraded our digital giving tool to PushPay, which you can safety and easily use through the above link. Donors who have scheduled an automatic gift  on our previous tool will receive email and print communications to assist them in seamlessly migrating their gift to PushPay. Contact Scott at 701-955-8693 for questions or assistance.

Light a Match for March
All new digital giving plans will be matched during the month of March (up to $5,000!). Start or increase your automatic/digital giving plan anytime after January 1 and your new scheduled March gifts will be matched. We’re excited to help you “automate the important”!

Test-drive the Biblical practice of tithing
through our risk-free Joy10 Experiment!
Click here to access our outgoing giving tool, which we are phasing out of.