October is here!
It’s time to change the world through kindness!
Election season can be a grumpy and stressful time of year, making it the perfect time to spread kindness! Listen to Captain Kindness explain the plan below, and grab a stack of kindness cards this Sunday to get your adventure started! 
Thanks for helping Captain Kindness fight crankiness! 

Surprise Acts of Kindness

Captain K vs. Kernel Cranky

Cap Discovers His Powers



Invite Captain Kindness to your school or business!

Prime the “kindness pump” at your school, event, or workplace by inviting Captain Kindness to fly in.  “Cap” frequently meets with and speaks to students and staff in our community and loves to make appearances. Simply contact us to schedule an appearance!

Louis & Clark Elementary


Taking the Kindness Oath  



Share your Kindness story below! 

Use the entry form below to share an episode of kindness sparked by this campaign. If you were the giver or the recipient of a surprise, please tell us what happened!
Captain Kinds wants YOU to share the love!

Captain Kinds wants YOU to share the love!

Camp Kindness is coming!


Summer 2021!

3 Responses to “Kindness”

  1. Marsha Fantauzzi says:

    I would love it if Captain Kindness would visit my daughter, Kimberley’s, school; Will-Moore Elementary. The principle, Bradly Barnhardt, is the type of teacher that would welcome and encourage something like this. I highly suggest you contact Will-Moore and see what you can do to have Captain Kindness come.

    Thank you,
    Marsha Fantauzzi,
    Mother of Kimberley Rand, 2nd Grade, Mrs. Kaiser’s class.

  2. Jill says:

    I am the giver of 4 kindness cards.

    1. I gave canned food to a local food pantry.

    2. Followed inspiration immediately.

    3. Read books to a group of Kindergarten children.

    4. Tipped generously. Waitress was always smiling and very quick. She received a 40.00 tip from us!

  3. Kaddie Gade says:

    We would love to have Capitan Kindness come to the Child watch Program at the YMCA! We are working to integrate more Bible stories and lessons on good values into our teachings and could use the aid of the Capitain!

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