Financial Management Class 

Money: Reasons & Seasons

Sunday, November 3 & 10 at 11 AM 
Money? Do you have enough? Want more? Funny, but no one ever says they want less! However, you will find that for most people, it doesn’t matter how much you make. You’ll always be seeking to get to the next step, and you will still have times that you come up short.
Your relationship with money is important. It affects nearly every aspect of your life: personal, spiritual, emotional and professional. This two-week series with Mike Schmitz, CPA, will help you understand the different financial planning steps you should take at different times in your life and why you should take them.  

 Here is your on-ramp to life “on-mission”!

This 4-week course is designed to enhance your understanding of what a relationship with God can really look like as part of the global family that Jesus died to create.  Learn more here.