Staff Team 

family photo
Matt Anderson, Lead Pastor
A former college athlete, Matt is an author, speaker, pastor, leadership coach, and all around nice guy. He is a lover of good steak and an enemy of mosquitoes. Matt’s lovely wife Lacee carries the lion’s share of both the wisdom and good looks in their marriage, and their three amazing children are already looking for ways to give their dad gray hair.

Ernie Hockett, Family Pastor

Ernie specializes in showing people how to love Jesus and lead others.  After decades of experience as a pastor, Ernie launched City Life Church in Bismarck, which joined together with Surprise in 2016.  Ernie has an unceasing heart for people, an infectious love of life, and a deep faith in Jesus.  And believe it or not, his wife Kris is even cooler than he is.


Chantelle Zika, Worship Pastor

Chantelle joined our team in the summer of 2018 with a passion to enable people to worship God as a lifestyle. She’s building a community of artists who love serving God with their gifts and developing as human beings.  She’s also a teacher aid in the Bismarck schools, so she brings a passion for kids along with her faith.   She’s pictured here with her husband Matt. 



Ann Hagerott, Director of Missional Communities & Guest Liaisons 

Ann is simply the best. She’s passionate about building communities of people who love one another like family, grow in their love of Jesus, and change the world.  She brings a wealth of wisdom and a heart to help people thrive.  In addition to overseeing our Guest Liaison team and leading a Missional Community that reaches married couples, Ann oversees and directs all Surprise Missional Community Leaders at Surprise.


Sargianna Wutzke, Executive Assistant

She does it all, folks. “Sarg is in charge” as Pastor Matt’s Executive Assistant, including leadership of our Front Porch, Mercy Box, and volunteer ministries. So, yeah, she’s kind of a big deal. Not only is she smart, funny, kind, caring, and deeply committed to the Surprise Vision, she’s also an avid polka dancer.  Ok not so much that last part.





Scott Ressler, Church Administrator

Scott joined the Surprise staff team in 2018. He brings decades of business experience to bear in his work of bringing order and stability to the Surprise community. Scott and his wife Sandy are excited about being the surprise of God to a world in need and we’re so thankful that God led them to our team. 


Janel Schmitz, Communications Director

An original member of the Surprise church launch team, Janel has leveraged her communications expertise in numerous corporate and non-profit settings. Janel and her husband Mike are passionate members of our Evolving Marriage Missional Community, which aims to help families win through transformed marriages.


Dawn Fode, Treasurer

The devil is NOT in the details–Dawn is!  Dawn manages Surprise Church’s bookkeeping with skill and ease, and in general does about everything she can to build a great church.  She also serves in many other areas in order to be the Surprise of God to a world in need. We are so thankful for the Fode family! 

Tim Lucas, Lead Pastor of Surprise Mandan
Tim’s done it all.  To name a few things, he’s served as a member of the National Guard, been trained as a chef, and worked as a plumber. And now, Tim is leading our amazing team at Surprise Church in Mandan as they build a remarkable community and change lives. Tim shows up early, believes in people, and is a man of absolute integrity.  He’s also a Cubs fan, but we don’t hold that against him. Learn about Surprise Mandan >>

Surprise Team Leaders

The above staff are so honored to empower our gifted team leaders as they equip the Surprise community. Remember to thank and pray for them often as they serve God among us!  


Jen Rewald, Kids Coordinator
Tania Schroeder, Curriculum Director
Tana Sukauskas, Volunteer Director
Mark, Prayer Team
Jesus: EVERY team’s leader!
Trevor, Media
Gwen, Announcements Team
Rhonda, Setup Team
JR (left?!), Offering Team