Law #1 of Life-Change | The Law of Sin

Sin may be one of those “outdated” terms, reserved primarily for religious rants or sarcastic slander. Substitutes have been proposed, such as mistakes or wrongdoings, but most replacements attempt to whitewash the gravity of human brokenness in favor of innocuous error. 
The biggest problem with denying the reality of sin is that it prevents me from choosing a path only visible on the other side of despair. 
Sin isn’t just slapping a sibling or stealing a car. It’s a condition, a

Why You Need A Mission Statement

what is your mission question - chalk handwriting on blackboard

Six steps to writing yours!

Pastor Matt Anderson


I recently asked Geraldine, a member of our congregation from Cameroon, to compare American life with that of her native country.


Back home, she told me, people have time to live slowly, help each other out, play games, rest, pray, laugh, and lead more fulfilled lives. But here, we live at a frantic pace and don’t even know our neighbors. Always in a rush, we overfill our calendars, budgets and bellies, and we multitask every moment while multiplying stress. Read more…

What Is Faith?


By Pastor Matt Anderson 

Most people claim to have it, but no one defines it in the same way. Some talk about it, while others keep it private. Many think you take it with you when you die, while some think it helps you enjoy the ride but dies with you.
What is it?
The answer to the riddle is “faith.” Everyone has faith in some kind of worldview that explains reality. And while faith is as common as the air we breathe, our increasingly diverse society reveals increasing variety related to what this little word actually means.