Vision 2019: The Path for Growth

In 2019, we’re building a “Path for Growth.” Instead of an endless buffet line of programs and options, we’re streamlining our activities into a simple sequence that guides individuals toward intentional growth. Everything we do will enable individuals to grow as followers of Jesus who learn to help others to follow Jesus. 
This Path for Growth will ultimately guide people toward Missional Community, which is the ideal environment for growing as disciples who make disciples.  We can’t wait for you to experience this life-changing kind of community, and the impact that it allows you to have for God.
Helping Families Win
The Path for Growth will more effectively enable us to Help Families Win by providing support for the small and large battles of life. Whether dealing with marriage, parenting, identity, or addiction issues, we’ll empower families to solve problems and grow spiritually, with the goal of banding families together through Missional Communities.