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What if is right! 
When we worry, we wonder: what if something bad happens? But we often forget that God is willing and eager to connect with us through prayer, and that he can do more than we can possibly imagine. This January, Surprise Church invites you to ask What if I Pray? and to learn how to let God lead us and change our circumstances through prayer.

Plug in and shine bright! 
It’s hard to be hopeful or helpful in dark times. But Christmas reminds us that some of the best things in life are intended for times like this. Surprise Church invites you to plug into news that is so good that it’ll make you shine like Christmas lights for those around you.  
Join us for Christmas at the Belle on December 17 & 24. Click here to plan your visit, or join us virtually.
Do you pray about money?
Most people never pray about their budgets and feel strained financially. But when we learn how to listen to God with our finances, we become more generous and start trusting Him in other areas of life.
Experience God in a new way through November 15.
Join the Generosity Party!

Can you BOUNCE in hard times?
In challenging circumstances, we have a choice to either shatter or bounce. Being resilient isn’t about being lucky enough to avoid hardships; it’s finding a way to bounce back.  It’s a mindset that can adapt to the unfortunate and adjust to the unknown.
Resilience is a stubborn commitment to thrive, no matter what.

Surprise Church invites you to  an important teaching series, which will show you and your family how to be Bounce back from anything.  Visit this Sunday >>  


Are you ready for the season?
Jesus spoke a lot about being ready. He told stories about armies, tenants, builders, and bridesmaids who were caught off card by the challenges and opportunities of life, all to help us understand the importance of being prepared.
Don’t be taken by surprise this fall. Be ready! 
The enemy is not “out there.”
Our biggest problem isn’t a person or unfair circumstance–it’s us. We are the common denominator in all of our issues, and only we have the power to do something about it. If you’re stuck in a cycle of depression, blame or bitterness, this series will help you take responsibility for what you can and trust God with the rest.
It’s time to face your fiercest foe–you!
Surprise Church invites you to The Battle Within, starting Wednesday, June 24.

You were created for a team.
From sports to the workplace, we know the value of merging our unique skills with those of our teammates. But when it comes to faith, we forget about teamwork. Private spirituality is like playing baseball with only a third baseman or forming a band with just a drummer. When I fail to identify how I can team up with others in the Body of Christ, I miss out on what God created me to experience and accomplish.
Are you an apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd or teacher?
Ephesians 4 describes these five unique callings that make the Body of Christ a transformative community for members and an unstoppable force for good in the world. They only function together, and each is vital. It’s time to discover your role in God’s family. Join us for Faith is a Team Sport, starting May 17.
What an amazing time to grow.
Hard times amplify our issues like a megaphone, which sounds like a bad thing but is far from it. Instead, it will be easier than ever to identify and develop our areas of growth. This is the perfect time to adopt new habits and throw out the bad ones, so that we that can more fully become the people God intended.
Grab God’s great dreams for your life, starting April 19.
Don’t let fear win.
Fear is normal at times like this, but it doesn’t have to win the day. If we learn to manage anxious feelings, we become stronger and more hope-filled human beings, and we encourage everyone around us.
This series will combine practical tips and Biblical wisdom to give you the ammunition you need to face fear head on. 
It ain’t about money.
Just has busyness has little to do with time, generosity has little to do with how much we have. Rather, it’s about our faith and the condition of our hearts. In truth, people give LESS as they make MORE, which means that people can feel “broke” at any income level. Tragically, when we feel unable to give, our vision is limited to getting, keeping, and trading, and we miss countless opportunities to enriching others.
The great news is that our Giveability increases with our faith.
In March, we’ll challenge ourselves to take a joy-based Giveability step as a response to God’s grace. We hope you’ll join in discovering your infinite potential to enrich others.
Join us for Giveability, starting March 2020.

Love songs express our desire to treasure someone deeply. If we listen carefully to these anthems, we hear echoes of the deepest form of Love, in which human relationships find their origin. From the chorus of I Got You Babe to the text of an ancient hymn, every note whispers that humans were created to participate in the harmony of God’s loving chorus.
So warm up your singing voice and join us for Lovesongs, starting February 9.

Can you speak Good News? 

Forget about religion for a minute. Just imagine your faith poking into every area of life as you naturally and comfortably find yourself talking about faith. Becoming Gospel-fluent allows us to share the Good News of Jesus in words that connect with people who need it, whether family or coworkers. Surprise Church invites you to learn a new language this January.  Join us for Gospel Fluency, starting December 29. 









Go ahead and say it. 

Millions of people have lived without knowing God’s true name, while those who do often take it for granted or use it carelessly. This Christmas, we’ll open the Gift of God’s name, a gift that comes with directions for how and when to use it in order to change the world. If you’ve ever felt a desire for a more personal and powerful walk with God, Surprise Church invites you to In His Name, starting December 1. 

We own nothing. 

Everything–from our houses and cars to our kids and bodies–are temporary gifts to manage for a short while. As the saying goes, God gives, and God takes away. So instead of feeling overly protective of “my stuff,” we get to temporarily care for God’s stuff. This changes how we budget, save, give and live. Join us for God-given, starting October 27.
I’ll be there for you!
We all want friends that kind of friend… who will be there through thick and thin.  But in our disconnected culture, in which we’re more likely to send a text than meet for coffee, people are more feeling more disconnected than ever.  
This teaching series will explore how to cultivate the meaningful relationships that add joy and meaning to life. Join us for Friends this Sunday, 9:30 or 11 AM at Shiloh Christian School.

82* of people would go to church… if they were invited.  

Surprisingly, most people in our lives are open to faith. As we learn how to develop authentic relationships, inviting becomes a natural way to change lives! 
You are invited to 82%, starting July 28.
*Study cited in The Church Growth Flywheel by Rich Birch
Don’t miss the power. 
Baptism as no boring rite of passage. It’s the elevation of our identity to the highest level (divine royalty!). Join us on July 14 and 21 to discover what it means to be baptized or initiated into God’s family, and join us on August 11 to experience this gift in your own life! 

B.L.E.S.S. Somebody!
We are “blessed to be a blessing,” but what does that actually mean, and how do we do it?  This summer at Surprise, you’ll learn 5 simple steps for blessing people in your life and neighborhood. You’ll discover Jesus’ method of listening and sharing stories over a meal, which can feel as natural as breathing. It’s all part of the Great Summer Grill Adventure! 
Join us for Blessing Bismarck this Sunday at 10:30 AM. Remember that we’ll gather on Sunday, May 26 at the Belle Mehus Auditorium and then return to Shiloh Christian School starting Sunday, June 2.
Blessing Bismarck visual aid (downloadable PDF)

Previous series:

He’s kind of a big deal.
Jesus is the most known and impactful human that ever lived, and it’s not even close. But most of us have a lot of questions about him.  Join us for a series that will explore the person and legacy of Jesus Christ, his impact on history, and his relevance to each of our lives.
Join us for Who Is This Man at 9:30 & 11 AM
starting Sunday, April 28 at the Belle Mehus Auditorium.*
*After April 28, Surprise will return to our normal location of Shiloh Christian School.
*See our schedule for Easter at Belle Mehus.  


Identities can be stolen. Protect yours.
When your identity is stolen, you lose your resources and good credit. Identity theft happens on a spiritual level when we define ourselves by looks, achievement, or reputation instead of our. This “demotion” enslaves us to appearances as we desperately try to become something in the eyes of others. 
Our only hope is to protect our God-given identity in Jesus. When we refuse to compromise this high status, we’re able to share God’s acceptance with others instead seeking their approval. 
Reclaim your identity! 

Growth is NOT a mystery.

It’s a journey.

Your God-given potential is far greater than you know (Eph. 3:20 & I Cor 2:9). To remove the mystery from spiritual growth, we’re unveiling a simple plan that is clear, realistic, and downright exciting. Get ready to grow beyond your wildest dreams.
Join us for The Path for Growth, March, 2019. 
Elvis was wrong about love.
The song Can’t help falling in love voices the popular idea that affection happens by accident. When Cupid’s arrow casts a spell on our hearts, sparks begin to fly. And when love runs out, all we can do is look for Cupid someplace else.
But in reality, true love neither comes about nor runs out by accident. And this isn’t just about romance. All relationships are guided by principles that can build lasting love and connection.
Get some help with love!
You’re invited to Falling in Love this February.
Imagine yourself, praying…
Most of us have muttered a prayer before a meal or called to heaven when we’re in a jam, but few have a daily routine of talking–and listening–to God.  And believe it or not, there are some simple steps that you can follow to make that happen!  We’ll provide a great booklet and a chance to learn about prayer alongside others who are hoping to do the same.
You’re invited to 20 Days to Pray this January, 2018. 
It’s time for you to shine.
Jesus said that when he shows up, it’ll be like lightening that flashes across the sky (Matt 24:27). This may describe a day in the future when Jesus returns, but it also describes the past and present. Lights in the heavens first drew people to Jesus’ birth, and lights in the world illuminate the path for others today (Phil 2:15).  If you’ve considered giving up on the idea of shining for God, then this teaching series is for you–it’s time for you to shine! Join us for Like Lightning, December 2018. 
A generous person will be enriched,
and one who gives water, gets water.
Proverbs 11:28
Generosity seems risky at first. After all, what if we give too much of our time or money? We forget that God “blesses and backfills” our giving, pouring fresh water into our lives as we share what He’s given. Instead of clutching what we have too tightly, God wants us to love the adventure of giving as a tangible way to watch Him provide. Surprise Church invites you to #Love2Give, November 2018.  

#Love2Give Promo

Way cooler than zombies.
If you’re entertained by TV shows with zombies limping around town, you won’t believe what Jesus says about alternative dimensions and spiritual forces. He was dead serious about angels, demons, heaven, and hell. He made corpses stand up and foretold the end of the world. And for Jesus, all of this cool stuff fits into God’s GOOD plan for the world. What better time than Halloween to learn about the unseen realities that are more real and more powerful than we can imagine. Join us for Stranger Things, starting October 14.

Watch the “Stranger Things” Preview



God’s plan is simple–families win.
This fall, we’re showing how families are a special part of God’s amazing plan, despite the fact that every family struggles with brokenness and dysfunction. We’re planning events and opportunities that will help your family to thrive, and our messages will aim to inspire you to seek the healing and direction that only God can provide.
Church is NOT a Place!
Too often we envision church as a place to visit rather than a force for Good.
At its worst, the church is just an event center with little impact;
but at best it’s a dynamic family that transforms lives.
This August, we’ll stop thinking about church as a place to go
and start living like WE the most powerful force in history!
The world is waiting for us.
Join us for I Am Surprise, August, 2018.

When was the last time you actually rested?

We long for the weekend but aren’t refreshed by Monday. We come back from vacation exhausted. We feel unsatisfied browsing social media. We take an extra job to fund our social plans. No matter what we try, we grow increasingly tired.
We often choose to work, play, or consume when we really need to rest.
We find that no job, social event, or Netflix series can supply the soul-sustaining rest that God created us to enjoy.
Only by mastering this lost art can we reclaim a rhythm of life that matches our identity as children of God who are loved and accepted despite our achievement–not because of it.
Rediscover who you are apart from what you do.
Surprise Church invites you to Rest, July 2018.

How would Jesus do summer?
Summer is an amazing time to enjoy the great outdoors and overcook a few brats. These same activities are great for building real relationships with new people. In June, we’ll teach you how to grill like Jesus, intentionally turning summer recreation into a chance to flip burgers with Jesus! Join us to discover how Jesus would grill, starting May 27 at 10:30 AM!*
And don’t forget about our Great Summer Grill Adventure!


God doesn’t need your help. At all.
Anyone who follows Jesus is called to serve through His chosen instrument (the Church), not because God needs our help but because we’re now a part of His family.

Without volunteering in the family Jesus died to create, we forget who we are and stumble back to the selfish pursuits and trivial insecurities that Jesus rescued us from. Simply put, people don’t volunteer in church when they forget how badly they need it.

We need to serve, because we follow a servant King who wants us to remember who we are and carry the family Name into a wondering world.

Join us to discover how Saved People Serve People, starting May 6, 2018.

It ain’t over.
It’s easy to feel defeated by life, as if you’re fighting a losing battle. We compare ourselves to others, get burned out, and consider giving up, feeling far behind on the scoreboard of life.
But God has a comeback planned.
The Jesus-story is about an underdog whose come-from-behind victory changed everything for everyone, which means that His story can be your story. Join us to discover how God’s victory guarantees yours. Surprise Church invites you to The Comeback, April 2018.
A World Without Church
Needs a Church Without Walls
Too often we forget how powerful the church can be, so life-changing that many nations have enacted laws against it! Even mighty dictators feel deeply threatened by those who follow Jesus, and they use their power to destroy it.
But sadly, the church is facing an identity crisis. It’s become a place to hide from the world rather than a force for good in the world, so that many perceive church to be a barrier to spirituality rather than a means to it.
This month, we’ll rediscover the movement that Jesus died to create in order to play our part in God’s plan to save the world. If you’ve been burned, bored, burdened or brushed aside by the church, you’re definitely going to want to join us. Surprise Church invites you to World Without Church, March 2018.

The first step is admitting the problem.

Due to a past wound or bad example, most of us are afraid to be vulnerable. We mask it with toughness or busyness, but underneath the facade is a kid who longs for connection and fears rejection.
But Jesus wasn’t afraid.
He didn’t pretend that shallow means strong. He formed deep friendships, talked about feelings, and empathized with others. He wept, he prayed, and he challenged people to see the world differently. Most of all, He died to give us intimacy with God, which transforms our ability to connect with others.
Discover the gift of deeper relationships. Surprise Church invites you to Fearless Intimacy, February of 2018.

Newsflash: You’re not God.

We live in a world of unlimited expectations, where you can always have and do more with the right technique or technology. But since none of us are God, this only works until we buckle or burn out. Instead of cramming new apps, trips, or hobbies into our saturated lives, we must eliminate one thing before adding another.
In short, we must learn subtraction before we practice addition.
This January, master the counter-cultural art of saying NO to gain something NEW. Surprise Church invites you to discover that new means no.


What is Christmas (and life) all about?
Like decorations and carols, Christmas movies are a special part of the Holiday season. In a world that doesn’t have time to ponder, they invite us to consider what’s most important, moving us to laugh, cry, and think about the big picture.
So we watch them every year.
This December, scenes from some of our favorite Christmas movies will help us reflect on life. Surprise Church invites you to Christmas at the Movies, Dec. 2017.

Why do you do it?

Why we work is more important than what we do. Without the right why, we feel like we’re wasting our lives & longing for the weekend. And without a doubt, why we work has everything to do with who we’re working for. Surprise Church invites you to Work for the right reasons, starting October 29.

The world was about to get rocked.

The year is 1517. Something big is about to happen. A stubborn monk begins to challenge a corrupt religious system that keeps people imprisoned by guilt,
which is bound to unleash forces far beyond his control.
If he gets out of this alive, he may just change the world.
Find out what happens next.
Join Surprise Church for 500, starting October 1.

Jesus says to go walk on a lake.

Jesus never invited people to just chill out. He always had a bigger
plan that involved them changing the lives of others.
Join Surprise Church as we discover the kind of community that Jesus calls
followers to join, and the boat-rocking mission that defines it.
Dive into Missional Community with Surprise Church.
Join us for Fishers of Men, starting Sept 10.


Be a child, not a baby.

Jesus says that we can’t go to heaven unless we became like children (Matt 18:2-4),
but He also expects us to grow up to become spiritually mature (See: Col. 1:28, I Cor. 3:2; I Pet. 2:2; Eph. 4:15; I Cor. 13:11).
Got that?
Heres the deal: even grown-ups struggle with childish thinking that gets in the
way of loving others and serving God. So growing in faith means to tackle this
tendency by learning to put Jesus–rather than ourselves–at the
center of our universe. If you want to become more childlike and less
childish, come and Grow Up with Surprise this Sunday, 10:30 AM.


What are you FOR?

Christians are too often known by what we are against. But at Surprise, we seek to be known as people who are FOR our city, doing whatever we can to support, enhance, and cheerlead the good things that God is doing in this place. Join us to learn how to be #ForBismarck!

Do you believe in miracles?

Here’s a problem: Lots of people need a miracle but don’t believe in them. They simply haven’t met a God who would allow us to face trials in order to show his miraculous power. Find out why God loves impossible circumstances. Start Seeing Miracles on April 30. Visit Surprise >>


Are you a conduit or a kink?

We may call ourselves Christians, but do we invite others to experience Jesus? Doing so reveals a heart so full of Christ’s love that it can’t help sharing it, as we do with our favorite movies, wine, and restaurants. Not doing so indicates a lack of enthusiasm that keeps our faith frozen rather than flowing as God intended. Reclaim the lost art of sharing God’s grace. Join us for You Were Invited, April 2 and Apr 9. Visit Surprise >>



The Church Needs the Truth

Most people have been either blessed or burdened by the Church. As a collection of flawed people, disappointment and dysfunction will surface among “believers.” And yet, Jesus loves this flawed community so much that He calls her His Bride, and He chooses
her to represent Him in the world. This March, we’ll hear the joyful and painful stories of those who have been impacted by the church, because hearing and telling the truth allows the Church to more fully become what God intends. Surprise Church invites you to Dear Church.


Everyone needs to get high…

God made us to long for an ultimate experience of joy and pleasure–we were made to “get high.” Too often, though, we settle for chemical or sexual addictions that promise immediate thrills and deliver lasting pain. Only one addiction can actually satisfy. God’s love is the transcendent experience we were created to enjoy. And guess what, this addiction is totally legal, completely healthy, and absolutely free. Get hooked on a better habit. Join Surprise Church for Addicted to Love, March 2017.

Think you’re stuck with your issues? Think again.

If we’re honest, we’ve all come face to face with our own quirks, flaws, and failures, some of which can cause a lot of pain in our lives and relationships. Since our wounds and issues are deeply imbedded into our development, we often feel powerless to change. And when we’re at the end of our rope after trying everything we can think of, God comes to us with some badly-needed, Good News:
As impossible as it seems, change is an option for your life. Discover to power to change in January, 2017.

Love your neighbors…Change the world.

Next to loving God, Jesus says that loving our neighbors is our most important calling (Matt. 22:36-40). This Christmas season, make your home a “lighthouse” for your neighborhood by encouraging your neighbors in simple ways. You’ll brighten their lives, open new doors, and cover the city with kindness. Click here for more>>>
Don’t avoid politics.
Given the craziness of politics today, people often bury their heads or get sucked into conflict. But God wants each of us to build a better world by finding positive ways to be involved.
Drawing wisdom from the novel by Pastor Matt Anderson, we’ll explore the dream of America’s Founding Fathers and cast a Biblical vision for citizenship that elects Jesus as King and treats people like human beings.
Make Jesus your Running Mate, starting Oct. 2.
Join one of our six-week, Running Mate discussion group.
Christians should be the best “partiers” in the universe.
Too many “church-people” have forgotten how to have a good time. Hoping to please God through religion or legalism, we’ve lost the notion of celebration, abandoned the ideal of excitement, and cast judgement upon people God calls us to invite to the greatest gala in history. When we party, we feel the need to hide our faith and leave God in a box.
People loved hanging out with Jesus at parties, because he knew how to fill a room with joy and always had others’ best interests in mind. Discover how to “hang out” in a way that brings that same joy into your gatherings without freeking people out or hiding who you are. Surprise Church invites you to How to Throw a Party, Sundays Sept 11 to Sept 25.


Church needs a box like a fish needs a bike.

Church is NOT a location–it’s a community of people who feel called by God to make a difference. Drawing wisdom from the Book of Acts, we’ll discover that

Faith comes to life when the church leave the building.

Whether you’ve been burned, bored, or burdened by church in the past, we invite you to rediscover your role in the organization that Jesus died to create. You have nothing to lose except low expectations.

Leave the building with us, starting April 3.


Wanna feel alive again?

We sometimes do crazy stuff to feel alive. And we miss out on life while distracted by screens or dead-ends. Thankfully, the God who created us from dirt was buried in it after He died for us, so that we could thrive exactly where he planted us. He wants us to see Him in the natural world, to enjoy Him in the small things, and to find joy in serving Him. So if you want to remember what it feels like to truly live, come and get your hands dirty with us. Surprise Church invites you to Dirt, starting Feb 14.

What are you willing to do for love?

In both married and unmarried relationships, we often settle for less than love. Insecurity, misplaced priorities, and impatience cause us to take short-cuts, which hinder our intimacy and cause pain. We forget that romance was intended to help us follow–not avoid–God. It’s time to get love right. Surprise Church invites you to Dating for Life, Sundays Jan 31 & Feb 6. Visit Surprise>>

Breaking Busy Trailer

 go w 

Americans have reported being busier than last year

…every year since 1987.

Most Americans claim to be “busy,” but spend over 5 hours per day watching videos and 2.7 hours on social media sites. In other words, we’re not just busy; we’re broken.  It’s time to take your life back by Breaking Busy patterns that distort our priorities and waste our time. We all receive 86,400 seconds per day to spend as we wish. How will you spend yours?
Surprise Church invites you to start the New Year right by Breaking Busy! 
Breaking Busy Banner

Love your neighbors…Change the world.

Next to loving God, Jesus says that loving our neighbors is our most important calling (Matt. 22:36-40). This Christmas season, make your home a “lighthouse” for your neighborhood by blessing your neighbors in practical ways. You’ll brighten their lives, open new doors, and cover our city with God’s kindness.To learn how to get involved, click here>>>

Death and taxes just got bumped.

They tell us to enjoy the moment. After all, who knows what’s next? Trends come and go, people age and die, and the fragile life we know can evaporate overnight. But how would we live if there was something even more certain than death and taxes? How would we face people, opportunities, and problems if we saw ourselves as part of God’s unstoppable plan. Join us as we find inspiration from an ancient prison letter, which has changed lives for 2,000 years. Join us for Unstoppable, November 2015.
Unstoppable Banner 2



What are you listening to?

We consistently take in messages that shape our lives, like a soundtrack sets the tone of a movie. Some of
these “songs” are inspiring, while others drag us down and hinder us from living up to our potential. With the
help of music from some of your favorite decades, we’ll learn how to prevent the negative voices from
winning the day and find a new rhythm for life. Surprise Church invites you to Soundtrack, Starting Sept 20
Soundtrack Web Banner

Decisions, decisions.

Life is comprised of large and small decisions that shape our life story. But most of these decisions are made in advance, believe it or not, as we adopt practices and priorities that set the future in motion. From August 16 to Sept 13, we’ll discover a process for decision-making that starts long before the fork in the road. Surprise Church invites you to Decision-making 101!


Villains Surprise Church Website

Hitler. Bin Laden. ISIS. The KKK.

Villains are woven into tattered fabric of human history, but why? How do people become villains, and why does God allow them to exist?  Join us to explore such questions and discover an important principle: when God meets villains, good things happen. Join Surprise Church for Villains, starting July 12.

Surprise Church-Misfit Banner 2.0

Think God can’t use you? Think again.

No one is too “out of place” to do great things for God. God actually prefers using the “useless” to show that everything depends on Him. Throughout this series, we’ll watch God use one misfit after another in order to imagine how He might just work through us! Join Surprise Church for Misfits, starting June 14.

Who hasn’t looked into the sky or into a mirror

and wondered about the meaning of life?


Why am I here? What’s the point of it all? And are there no answers but whatever I dream up on my own?
But what if the answer is right in front of us?  
What if the key to understanding the amazing race of life is to embrace the AmazinGrace of God? Join us this Sunday at 11 AM to discover the meaning of life and the hope of the world.
Surprise Church invites you to AmazingGrace.
GenerositywebGenerosity isn’t about forcing yourself to share when your heart isn’t in it. It’s about attaining the joy that God intends for us by becoming more like Him.  Surprise Church invites you to experience an abundant approach to life, which flows directly from the generous heart of God. Join us for Generosity.
Jesus Uncensored webdate

What if there’s more to Jesus?

This historical figure and religious icon is the most influential–and misunderstood–person in human history.  Surprise Church invites you to cut through all the clutter in order to rediscover the real Jesus. 
Join us for Jesus Uncensored, April 2015.

Do you think of yourself as a leader?

Jesus does.

Leadership isn’t just for CEOs, polished speakers, and charismatic celebrities.
It’s for you.
God designed you for a unique kind of leadership, and that’s not just something nice to say in church.
It’s the truth, and we can’t wait to show you why. 
Join us for a new teaching series that will explain how God has called and equipped you to change the world.
Discover your unique leadership capacity and unleash your ability to influence.
Surprise Church invites you to iLead, beginning Sunday, March 15.
Some topics are “off limits,” like politics, religion,
and–you guessed it–sex..
…And strange things happen if we can’t discuss what God gave as a good gift. As a result of this confused silence, our culture is reeling with myths and half-truths regarding sex. But the good news is that when we expose these lies for what they are, we can experience the greatest and most lasting pleasure imaginable, which has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with God
Surprise Church invites you to an important series about truth, healing, and hope.