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The Bible called–it wants its church back!

Missional communities are unlike any small group or church study you’ve ever experienced.  These “micro-churches” do life together as family and commit themselves to transforming our city. They succeed where conventional church groups fail by making disciples who make disciples, rather than merely providing studies or social outings for a set group of people. 
Here’s the reality: it’s impossible to follow Jesus by attending a Sunday service, because He invites us into a communal lifestyle within a family of servant missionaries. But when we understand discipleship as an all-of-life reality, we grow beyond our wildest dreams and change lives for the better. 

Missional Communities at Surprise
Reaching Engaged Married Couples – Contact Ann at 410-507-9480
Reaching Jeannette Myhre Elementary School – Contact Matt at 701-390-9804
Family Missional Community – Contact Ann at 410-507-9480
College Age Missional Community – Contact Ann at 410-507-9480
New MC’s are forming monthly! 
Missional Community Leader Training
Current and potential leaders can check out our Resource Page for great tips and guidance!