Make your home a lighthouse!

Love your neighbors.

Change the world.

Next to loving God, Jesus says that loving our neighbors is our most important calling (Matt 22:36-40). This Christmas season, make your home a “lighthouse” in your neighborhood in some insanely practical ways. You’ll brighten their lives, open new doors, and cover the city with kindness.
Two Simple Steps: 

STep 1: Set the stage:

1. Pin a tack at your address on our Lighthouse Map this Sunday at Surprise.
2. Stand at the front door of your home together and ask God to make your home a lighthouse in your neighborhood. Literally open the front door and pray the following:
   God, we open the door of this home to you. This isn’t our home; it’s yours. We ask you to heal and strengthen the personal relationships of we who live here. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us, protect us, and strengthen our faith in Christ, that we might be faithful as family members and neighbors. Give us courage to pray for our neighbors, and open doors for us to boldly share the Gospel with them. Father, we declare that this home is your lighthouse in this neighborhood. Let your kingdom come and your will be done, in this neighborhood as it is in heaven. We pray this in the powerful name of Jesus, the Light of the World, Amen. 
2. Post a Surprise Church yardsign in your yard or apartment window.
3. Pray daily for everyone on your street or in your neighborhood, asking God to enrich their lives and to show you opportunities to share His love with them.
4. Walk – Take routine prayer walks on your street. Got kids? Take ’em with you! See Pastor Matt’s example below!  Plan on a Lighthouse Prayer Walk on Thurs, Dec 21 (longest night of the year) at sunset (4:57 pm). See video example below!

Lighthouse Prayer Walk

Step 2: Shine a light:

1. Connect personally with your neighbors (drop cookies off, shovel snow, help with Christmas lights, etc.).
2. Plan some sort of social gathering or connection time for your neighborhood.
3. Listen carefully to your neighbors’ life stories and felt needs. Take genuine interest in them.
4. Offer to help with and pray for any felt needs a neighbor shares with you. Let them know they can count on you if they need a “good neighbor.” 
5. Share your faith story if and when God opens up the door to doing so.