A Two-month Experiment

The Joy10 generosity experiment will change how you experience God’s grace.

The Bible calls God’s people to designate at least 10% of our household income to the local church. The practice of “tithing” is the only area in which we are invited to “test” God, and He promises that He’ll pass the test (Malachi 3:8-10)!
Two barriers to tithing are 1) financial strain and 2) mistrust of the church, and Joy10 removes both barriers to this growth opportunity.

The simple plan:

1. Opt in  
Click here to apply to join this 2-month Joy10 Experiment.
2. Give 10% of your income for 2 months 
Set up your giving on our Giving Platform.
3. Alternate church option 
You can direct your “tithe” to another church if you have any concerns about our motives.
4. Giveback promise
If need be, you can request a full refund during the two month journey. 
We’ve got you covered.
5. Share what God does! 
Write down the specific ways that God blesses you through this experiment so that you can share them with others!
No Guilt 
No one can participate out of guilt.
Joyful participation is required!
Click below to set up up an automatic giving plan.

Video Series: 9 Excuses for NOT Tithing