You won’t regret it.
Community Groups are a great way to connect with others and grow personally. Come as you are, enjoy good food, and talk about our most recent Sunday message. 
You’ll laugh often and have a blast! We offer in person or virtual community groups.
Our next 10-week “semester” of Community Groups will be starting the week of September 26th.   For more info contact Ann at 410-507-9480.

Find a group:
  • Text GROUPS to 701-380-8210


Community Groups [Discussion Guides]

  • Women’s group,  (Monday, 5:30pm): Lisa Davis
  • Families Group (Monday, 6pm ): Matt Anderson
  • Men’s Group (Tuesday, 6:30-7:30am at Gloria Jeans): Richard Jones
  • Women’s Group (Tuesday, 5:45pm):  Ann Hagerott
  • Families Group (Wednesday, 6pm ): JR Kasper
  • Senior High Students- ( Wednesday, 5:00pm): Michelle Witty
  • Middle School students (Wednesday, 6:20pm):Michelle Witty
  • Couple’s Group (Wednesday, 6:30pm): Ann Hagerott and Janel Schmitz
  • The Most Welcoming Community Group (Thursday, 6pm-Virtual): Sargianna Wutzke 
  • Surprise 101 (Thursday, 6:30pm-Virtual): Ann Hagerott
  • Washburn Women’s Group (Saturday, 10:00 am): Michelle Witty 
Join a group:
    • Text GROUPS to 701-380-8210

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