HOW would Jesus Grill?

The Great Summer Grill Adventure is your chance to party like Jesus by creating social environments that are more than fun!

Get Ready for an adventure!
Follow these simple steps to plan summer gatherings that might even surprise you! 
Step 1: Find people to help you throw parties
Don’t do it alone!  Invite some friends to help you reach people this summer.  You will team up to prepare food, invite guests, host and clean up.
Step 2: Imagine who you could reach 
Brainstorm people you could invite to your parties. Consider people in your apartment complex, neighborhood, workplace or school; maybe friends in your networks or a certain social group. It could be anyone, from single parents to avid meat-eaters, etc.  
Step 3: Throw 2-3 parties 
Consider a consistent place, time and theme to create repetition for relationship-building, sharing of stories. You may also consider a consistent theme (pancake breakfasts, coffee tastings, happy hour, fish Fridays, home-brewing, potluck dinner, and of course, BBQ/grill adventures!).  Repetition creates focus, familiarity and momentum.
Step 4: Pray “What’s Next?”
Pray before each party, but also afterwards, in order to ask God to lead you to follow up with and relate to those who come. You will probably become aware of needs in their lives or families that you can try to meet.
Step 5: Post! 
Post a photo of your parties on Surprise Church’s Facebook page!
Helpful resources:
What is the goal of these parties? To build relationships with people who don’t know Jesus or have a church family.  Jesus partied and shared meals to connect with people, while building bridges upon which meaningful conversation and sacrificial serving would eventually occur. 
Who should I ask to be on my team?  Just about anyone. Put the feelers out on social media, among church friends, at work, or on your street about what you’re hoping to do. You can put something like Anyone interested in throwing some neighborhood grill parties with me this summer to meet and encourage new people?  You’ll be surprised by what happens.
I have an apartment. DO we have to grill?  No. You can do any kind of social gathering around any sort of food or beverage, whether wine, coffee, cheese, potluck or pastries. 
Should we plan to pray at these parties? Probably not. The goal is to invite people from all walks of life, and so you’ll want to build relationships as a top priority. If you focus on that, you’ll eventually discover opportunities for prayer and support.
Is alcohol ok? As it was for Jesus, social drinking can be a meaningful and relaxing aspect of social gatherings. Just be careful not to over-serve your guests and to have other attractive beverage options available for those with addictions or who prefer not to drink. It’s all about welcoming people into God’s family, not the beverages we serve.