Bringing Characters To Life
Faces of Easter is a FREE, 5-week series of dramas that feature dramatic portrayals of Biblical characters and live music. As we watch these historic figures share their profound stories in the first-person, we gain a richer understanding of the past and fresh insight for the future.
March 3 to March 31
7:00 PM
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Helping people enjoy the arts: We’re raising support for Arts for All, started in 2018 by Sargianna Wutzke of Bismarck. This amazing, local non-profit helps underprivileged people gain access to the arts. They have already helped hundreds of people, and we’re honored to support this great work!
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Faces of Easter Artists
March 3
Actor: Adam is played by Pastor Matt Anderson, Surprise Church Bismarck. The Minnesota native started acting in high school plays and always valued the arts in their ability to inspire people. Matt lives in Bismarck with his wife and three children.
Musicians: Laila Anderson is a freshman at Century and an aspiring musician. She’s written many original songs and has begun to record and perform publicly. Laila will be accompanied by Kami Bauer of Bismarck, a former dance instructor and member of the Surprise Church worship band. A busy mother of three, Kami is also helping to coordinating Faces of Easter events.  
March 10
Actor: Jonah is played by Jamie Ressler of Bismarck. An board member of Surprise Church Bismarck, Jamie has been an actor in plays and community theater for some time. An insurance agent for Farmers Union, Jaie lives in Bismarck and has three children.
Musicians:  Grace Bergen, Ann Green