United We Rise Easter Online!
Easter Sunday, April 12, 10:30 AM
Watch on KX TV (CBS) or click below:

This virtual Easter event will raise funds for the United Way’s local COVID-19 relief fund. 100% of donations will help the most vulnerable individuals in our area, such as children, the hungry, and the homeless.
Donate directly on the United Way site
Donate through Surprise by checking the “COVID-19 Relief Fund”
How Can We Help
Click here to print copies for your neighbors. Write a personal note and tape it to their front doors to let them know that you (and your church) are here to help! 
This is a great activity to do with kids and families, and can done easily and safely. 
Experience the death that brings life.
This event will be on our Facebook pages at 7 PM on Good Friday, April 11.  It will be family friendly.
Jesus’ Last Supper
Join us on Facebook at 7 PM as we share the story behind this powerful meal and explain how you can celebrate yours at home!