Current teaching series:

Be a part of something BIG.

This fall, we’re doing something we’ve never done at Surprise Church. We’re going to walk you through the steps toward becoming a part of what God is doing to reach our city. You’ll learn the Surprise vision, how to grow personally in your faith, and the core values that help us to build a magnetic community that changes lives. It’s time to UNIFY for our city! Join us this Sunday! 
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Some words are good enough to eat.

We don’t often commit things to memory in the age of Google, but the Words of Scripture change our lives when they’re written on our hearts. 
This summer, we’ll “serve up” a powerful passage each week. You’ll learn how to memorize scripture and hear tips for making use of what you commit to memory. Surprise Church invites you to get some SOUL FOOD this summer! Visit Surprise >>
Your WHY matters.
If we do anything for the wrong reasons–even good things–we often become bitter and miss out on joy. But when we work, study, or serve for the right reasons, we don’t live to receive what may not come, but to give thanks for what we already have.
Surprise Church invites you to find a better why. Join us for Why we Serve, May 2021.         
It ain’t over. 
You may feel like it’s too late for your dreams. If the Easter story is true, it means that even death can’t stop God from accomplishing His big plans for us. No matter what you’re going through or what you’ve been through, hope is more than possible… it’s inevitable! Surprise invites you to Raising the Dead, April 2021.
You can change lives….
If you believe in Jesus, it means that somewhere along the way, someone ” found” you and invited you into his family. Each person can harness their faith to find people for God.  This has the potential to change lives forever all because, Found People Find People. Starting March 2021
God wrote you a letter…
66 to be exact. The Bible is an amazing collection of letters written to express God’s love. This teaching series will explain why these letters are trustworthy and authentic, and it will show you how to use them to let God’s love shape your decisions, emotions, and relationships. 
Love to read the Bible, so that you can Read to Love.
Starting January 24.

What if is right! 
When we worry, we wonder: what if something bad happens? But we often forget that God is willing and eager to connect with us through prayer, and that he can do more than we can possibly imagine. This January, Surprise Church invites you to ask What if I Pray? and to learn how to let God lead us and change our circumstances through prayer.

Plug in and shine bright! 
It’s hard to be hopeful or helpful in dark times. But Christmas reminds us that some of the best things in life are intended for times like this. Surprise Church invites you to plug into news that is so good that it’ll make you shine like Christmas lights for those around you.  
Join us for Christmas at the Belle on December 17 & 24. Click here to plan your visit, or join us virtually.
Do you pray about money?
Most people never pray about their budgets and feel strained financially. But when we learn how to listen to God with our finances, we become more generous and start trusting Him in other areas of life.
Experience God in a new way through November 15.
Join the Generosity Party!

Can you BOUNCE in hard times?
In challenging circumstances, we have a choice to either shatter or bounce. Being resilient isn’t about being lucky enough to avoid hardships; it’s finding a way to bounce back.  It’s a mindset that can adapt to the unfortunate and adjust to the unknown.
Resilience is a stubborn commitment to thrive, no matter what.

Surprise Church invites you to  an important teaching series, which will show you and your family how to be Bounce back from anything.  Visit this Sunday >>  


Are you ready for the season?
Jesus spoke a lot about being ready. He told stories about armies, tenants, builders, and bridesmaids who were caught off card by the challenges and opportunities of life, all to help us understand the importance of being prepared.
Don’t be taken by surprise this fall. Be ready! 
The enemy is not “out there.”
Our biggest problem isn’t a person or unfair circumstance–it’s us. We are the common denominator in all of our issues, and only we have the power to do something about it. If you’re stuck in a cycle of depression, blame or bitterness, this series will help you take responsibility for what you can and trust God with the rest.
It’s time to face your fiercest foe–you!
Surprise Church invites you to The Battle Within, starting Wednesday, June 24.

You were created for a team.
From sports to the workplace, we know the value of merging our unique skills with those of our teammates. But when it comes to faith, we forget about teamwork. Private spirituality is like playing baseball with only a third baseman or forming a band with just a drummer. When I fail to identify how I can team up with others in the Body of Christ, I miss out on what God created me to experience and accomplish.
Are you an apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd or teacher?
Ephesians 4 describes these five unique callings that make the Body of Christ a transformative community for members and an unstoppable force for good in the world. They only function together, and each is vital. It’s time to discover your role in God’s family. Join us for Faith is a Team Sport, starting May 17.
What an amazing time to grow.
Hard times amplify our issues like a megaphone, which sounds like a bad thing but is far from it. Instead, it will be easier than ever to identify and develop our areas of growth. This is the perfect time to adopt new habits and throw out the bad ones, so that we that can more fully become the people God intended.
Grab God’s great dreams for your life, starting April 19.
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