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Don’t give up just yet.

You wish you could find your soul mate.
You wish you could get a promotion.
You wish you could make the team.
We say “you wish” to people who are supposed to give up their false hope. But according to God, our greatest longings, hopes and dreams aren’t meant to be abandoned.
This December, Surprise Church invites you to meet a God who loves to meet our deepest needs. As we get reacquainted with this God, we’ll band together to grant the wishes of one local family in need in partnership with Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center. Click here to support this family!
You’re invited to You Wish, starting this Sunday! 
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He isn’t done writing.

From bad news to broken relationships, life can feel more like a tragedy than a romantic comedy. The chaos and pain in the world make us wonder if there is really a supreme being guiding history in the right direction.
Is there an Author to this story?
If so, can He be trusted? 
Surprise Church invites you to meet the Author of life, who not only promises to guide our story to a happy ending, but also offers to hand you the pen so that you can help to write the next chapter!
You’re invited to Meet the Author, January 2023! 
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Money can’t buy happiness…

or can it?

We can’t “buy” joy like a new set of snow tires, but it does come from following God with our finances.  
Instead of the debt and stress that comes from impulsive consumption, we can feel the glee of giving, the strength of saving, and the peace of intentional spending when we follow a prayer based budget.  We will give you the tools to do it! 
We have a special surprise for each person during this series, but we won’t spoil it here. We’ll save the fun for Sundays, starting November 6. Visit Surprise >> 
Evict your fears.
Fear can “move in” and run our lives.
Fear of failure.
Fear of death.
Fear of being alone.
Jesus said that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed–which is barely visible to the naked eye–we could move mountains. That’s right… mountains!  
Apparently, even tiny faith can move the immovable, from the mountains that stand in our way to the monsters that hold us in fear. 
Surprise Church invites you to learn three important steps to moving monsters and overcoming fear. Join us for Moving Monsters, starting October 16.

 The why behind worship.

Aside from a karaoke bar or rock concert, people rarely get together and sing, despite the fact that our voices are built-in instruments designed to praise the God who made us. We lift our voices to call out to our Creator, savor His goodness, unite with other believers, and share him with the world. Discover Why We Sing this September at Surprise Church!
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