When mercy becomes a movement

What happens when schools, non-profits, businesses,
and churches band together to help those in need?
In a word–mercy.  
Join this month’s Mercy Box movement, making a difference, one box at a time.
February Mercy Box Recipient:
Kitty City

Kitty City is a cat sanctuary for disabled, blind and FIV+ cats. Kitty City strives to provide help, hope and loving homes to the animals that come to their rescue.  They also have a food pantry, People Helping Pets which provides pet food to those who are unable to afford it.


   Items needing to be donated

Kitten Chow/Puppy Chow (Dry)

Cat Food (Dry)

Dog Food (Wet)

Cat Treats

Potty Pads

Cleaning Supplies/Paper Towels


How can you help?  Bring these items to the drop off locations listed below!
Thanks for helping to make mercy a Movement!
Drop-site Locations 
Mercy Box drop-sites are being added daily!  If your organization would like to host a Mercy Box or has questions, contact Sargianna at 701-319-9928 or email us at themercybox@gmail.com 


Surprise Mandan
4211 Old Red Trail 
Mandan ND 58554
Sunday Mornings Only!!
Contact: Sargianna at 701-319-9928
Classic Rock Coffee
4524 Memorial Hwy, Suite 101
Mandan ND 58554
Hours: M-F:6 AM-6 PM
Sat: 8 to 5 PM
Sun: 9 AM to 4 PM
Contact Kim Ressler at 701-354-1844
Edgewood Vista
2801 39th Ave SE
Mandan ND 58554
Hours: M-F: 8:00 AM-8:30 PM
Contact: Jessica Wolff at 701-663-5664
Family Wellness Center
2700 46th Ave SE 
Mandan ND 58554
Hours: M-F: 5 AM-11 PM
             Sat: 6 AM-7 PM             
             Sun: 9 AM-7 PM
Contact: Tajia Bohn at 701-751-9804


Dakota Community Bank
66 Santee Rd
Lincoln ND 58504
Hours: Mon-Friday- 8 AM-5 PM ‘
Contact: Sarah Bakke at 701-663-8000


Surprise Church
1915 Shiloh Drive
Bismarck ND  58503
Hours: Sunday Mornings Only!
Contact: Sargianna at 701-319-9928
First Western Bank and Trust
304 E Front Ave
Bismarck ND 58504
Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM  (M-Fri)
Contact: Karly at 701-222-9913
Farmer’s Union Insurance
1820 East Broadway
Bismarck ND 58501
Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM  (M-Fri)
Contact: Jamie at 701-223-3715
Dakota Community Bank- North
1727 State Street
Bismarck ND 58501
Hours: Mon-Friday- 8 AM-5 PM
Contact:  Lisa at 701-225-9000
Dakota Community Bank- South
919 S 7th St, Suite 101
Bismarck ND 58554
Hours: Mon-Friday- 8 AM-5 PM
Contact: Kristi Jo at 701-530-9000
Morgan Hayden, State Farm Agent
101 Slate Dr, Suite 3
Bismarck ND 58503
Hours: Mon-Friday- 9 AM-5 PM
Contact: Morgan Hayden, at 701-222-0404
Capital Electric
4111 State Street
Bismarck ND 58502
Hours: Mon-Friday- 8 AM-5 PM
Contact: Wes Engbrecht, at 701-712-7923
Patriot Nutrition
2941 N 11th St
Bismarck ND 58503
Hours: Mon-Friday- 7:00 AM-4 PM
Contact: Trevor or Amber Hendrickson at
2359 Vermont Ave
Bismarck ND 58502
Hours M-Th: 8 AM-5 PM,Fri: 8 AM-2 PM Contact: Kevin Sailer at 701-222-1212
Boneshaker Coffee
1501 Mapleton Avenue
Bismarck ND 58503
Hours: M-F: 7 AM-7 PM             
             Sat: 8 AM-5 PM             
             Sun:9 AM-5 PM
Contact:Charlyne Kemmesat or Calle Mork, at 701-530-0850
1608 N Washington St
Bismarck ND 58501
Hours: M-F: 5 AM-11 PM
             Sat: 6 AM-7 PM             
             Sun:9 AM-7 PM
Contact: Amber Rae Barnhardt at 701-751-9723
Fireside Office Solutions
Accepting donations in Feb, April, June, August, Oct, Dec
1713 E Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck ND 58504
Hours: M-F: 8 AM-5 PM
Contact: Mary Hulm at 701-258-8586
Schmitz- Holmstrom CPA
1400 W Century
Bismarck ND 58503
Hours: M-F: 8 AM-5 PM
Contact: Chontay Mastel at 701-221-2655
Wachter Middle School- NEW DROP OFF SITE
1107 S 7th St
Bismarck ND 58504
Hours: School Days and Hours
Contact: Alyssa Steiner(teacher) at
Antique Mall
200 W Main St
Bismarck ND 58501
Hours: M-Sat: 10 AM-5 PM
Contact: Ann Farrell at 701-255-2648
Printers, Inc 
311 S 8th St
Bismarck ND 58504
Hours: M-Thurs 8 AM to 5PM
Fri :8 AM-2:30 PM
Contact: Dustin Engelstad at 701-255-3422
Bismarck Police Department
700 S 9th St
Bismarck ND 58504
Hours: M-F 8 AM to 5PM
Contact: Cheryl Woodcock
Bismarck High School (Sept-May)
800 N 8th St
Bismarck ND 58501
Hours: School Days and Hours
Contact: Jordan Wilhelm (teacher)at
Roberta Storm, State Farm Agent
116 S Hannifin
Bismarck ND 58504
Hours: M-F 8:30 AM to 5PM
Contact: Roberta Storm at 701-258-0123
Do you have a business and want to be a drop off site for The Mercy Box? It is as simple as having a red tote for donations in your location.
Email us at themercybox@gmail.com or call Sargianna at 701-319-9928.
Making a difference, one box at a time
February Recipient