Dudes: Sundays at 9:30 am  
Most men struggle in solitude against their own darkside,
 opting for the lone ranger approach to dealing with sin. If you’ve been there/done that and want to find a real solution, join us this Sunday at 9:30 to discover a winning battle plan. Don’t worry about coming with the right background or knowledge. This isn’t about how much you know. It’s about WHO you know (Jesus), and we’ll pursue Him together. This course is designed to help men begin to break free from the grip of repetitive sin and gain spiritual traction
Ladies: Sundays at 11 am  
Ladies, why not learn from the struggles and success of women who have gone before us?  When we listen to the profound stories of women in Scripture, we discover patterns that can greatly assist us in our own walk.  God is active in our lives, passionately protecting us, and eager to lead us to lasting joy. This study will follow the stories of women in the Bible in order to faithfully guiding us today.