The Joy10 generosity experiment will change how you experience God’s grace.

The Bible calls followers of Jesus to tithe, or to give at least 10% of our household income to the local church. Tithing is one of the few areas where we are invited to “test” God, who promises to richly bless those who do so (Malachi 3:8-10).
Since two of the largest barriers to tithing are financial strain and mistrust, we offer the Joy10 Experiment as a risk-free opportunity to experience tithing!

The plan is simple:

  • Give 10% | For three months, give 10% of your income to the local church.
  • No Guilt | No one is allowed to participate out of guilt. Only joyful, eager participants can jump in!
  • Alternate church option | Worried that this church is only “out for your money”? No sweat. You can direct your “tithe” to another church, since this is about your growth, not our need.
  • Giveback promise | Concerned that tithing will be a financial mistake? You can request a full refund before the end of the experiment.  We’ve got you covered.
  • Share what God does! | Expect miracles. Seriously. You should write down the specific ways that God blesses you through this experiment so that you can share them with others. This can be a life-changing process, so keep track of what happens through journaling! 
  • Learn more by emailing or call 701-390-9804.

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