Fun is mandatory.
Community Groups are a great way to personally connect with great people over ten weeks. We provide discussion questions related to our Sunday morning messages; you show up to hang out, chat and laugh often!
Community Groups (winter quarter)
> Couples Group (Wednesday nights)
> College Age Meal Group (Sunday afternoons)
> Couples Group (Tuesday nights)
> Fitness Group (Sunday afternoon)
> First Communion Group (TBD)
> Women’s Group (TBD)
> Men’s Pub Group (TBD)
> Men’s Recovery Group (TBD)
> Senior High Group (TBD)
>Contact Ann at 410-507-9480 for info or to sign up for a Group!
Weekly Discussion Materials
Week 1 (Jan 12-18) Gospel Fluency: What Are We Worshipping?
Week 2 (Jan 19-25) Gospel Fluency: Roots Produce Fruit
Week 3 (Jan 26-Feb 1) Gospel Fluency: Listening
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