3 Simple Steps:
>Step 1: Pray about your budget
Most people never pray about their budget and struggle financially.  When we learn to follow God in this area, we become more generous and begin trusting Him in other areas.  Use these resources to help you prayerfully create your budget.
Download this FREE tool, which will use prayer
to craft your monthly budget for 2021. 
Download this FREE tool to stay on top of monthly expenses
that can change each month.  
This course will teach you 6 effective “money moves.”
Use the promo code surprise-6w$ for a 50% discount!
>Step 2: Submit your 2021 Estimate of Giving Card.
Having sought God’s guidance for your budget, you’re ready to declare it! 
  1. Click here to submit a Digital Estimate of Giving Card!
  2. Or submit your physical card by mail 
>Step 3: RSVP for Nov. 15 worship!
We have some surprises planned for Nov 15, so indicate if you will join us on your Estimate of Giving Card (either 9:30 AM, 11 AM, or online).  RSVP using your physical or digital Estimate of Giving Card.
Generosity Party Updates: