Mark your calendars!
Invite a friend and volunteer at Family Funday (Sept 9th) | You won’t find a better Sunday to invite a friend to church!  In addition to a drawing for Bison football tickets at both 9:30 and 11 AM gatherings for some lucky first-time guests, we’ll also draw for a catered football party for those who invite!  See the full schedule here, and RSVP/share our Facebook Event.  Volunteer for a slot by clicking here. 
The Jeannette Myhre Initiative | This is a great opportunity to support the students and teachers at Jeannette Myhre Elementary. Email if you’re interested in being a part of this team!

Surprise Kids Volunteer Orientation on Wed, Aug 29
We’re gearing up to bless hundreds of families this fall through a rock star team of volunteers like you.  RSVP for this orientation on our Facebook event or email with questions.   
I Am Surprise continues this Sunday | Too often we confuse going to church with being the church.  This month, we’ll teach you how to talk and think about church as a force for good in the world rather than a place we show up on Sundays. Learn how to say, I Am Surprise, with confidence this August. Learn more >>
Play Surprising Signs this summer! | Wanna get Surprised
while Surprising others? Pop a Surprise bumper sticker on your vehicle and stick a yard sign on your lawn. We’ll be looking around town for “players” to award with a gift card. Thanks for playing Surprising Signs! 
Pray for local schools! | We’ll gather at a different school each Thursday evening to pray for the needs of its staff, students, and families. Bring kids, snacks, strollers, pets, or friends who might love to join us. See the full schedule on our
August Mercy Box Movement: Will-Moore Elementary| 
There are many students who are in need of school supplies for the upcoming year.  Donate and help local kids be ready for the school year.  Items that are needing to be donated are markers, folders, composition notebooks and snack (breakfast bars, squeeze applesauce, goldfish and graham crackers.  For drop off locations and to learn more about The Mercy Box, Click here >>
 The Joy 10 Experiment is underway | Many people 
desire to model the Biblical practice of tithing 10% of their 
income to the local church, but they struggle with some predictable barriers to doing so.  Joy10 provides a risk-free opportunity to experience tithing with the support of the Surprise community. Learn more >>
Surprise Mandan service is each Sunday at 10 am
Surprise Church Mandan was born on October 1st and has 
generated quite the buzz. Learn more about Surprise Mandan >>
10:02 Prayer | Watch Pastor Matt use a Sonoma County vineyard to explain why members of the Surprise Community set a daily alarm to pray at 10:02am.
Surprise Church Mobile App! | Download our Surprise App today on any Apple or Android platform to have immediate access to our latest messages and alerts.
Read Scripture App | Our community has been using this helpful app to read through the Bible with helpful and engaging videos that introduce the different sections of Scripture. If you’re looking to get a bigger understanding of God’s amazing story and find your place in it, download and use this free tool!