October 2018 DNA Group Test-Drive
This fall, we’re giving you a chance to follow the following tract to experience the power of DNA Groups. Email info@surprisechurch.com to join in or get info.

Introduction to DNA Groups

Tracy’s DNA Group



The following is a second option for starting your DNA Group off on the right foot, or for use at anytime down the road. 

Week 1: Our Story/God’s Story

Watch our week 1 DNA video (below)
Read The Story of God & How to Tell Your Story (before your group’s first gathering)
Prepare a 5 to 10 minute summary of your life journey based upon the above reading
Group meeting plan:
Share your faith stories (take 5 to 10 minutes each)
Discuss overall impressions, common elements, and connections to God’s big story
Pray for your the person on your right, asking God to help them write the next chapter of the life story.
Remember not to dominate or dissent in your group. Give everyone equal time to share, and don’t turn discussion back to yourself when your not sharing.

Week 1 DNA Group Video

Week 2: Discover

Watch our week 2 DNA video (below)
Read Appendix 4 Philippians 1 beforehand and to start your group’s time together
Read the passage throughout the week with these questions in your mind:  
       A) Who is God? > What has He done?
        B) Who are we? > How should we live?
Discuss with your group: What did I DISCOVER this week about myself and my need for growth? 
      Based upon my Bible reading, praying, and ongoing reflection, where am I most struggling to trust or follow God’s direction? Where might I need nurture, prayer, encouragement, or guidance from this group?
Remember not to dominate or dissent in your group. Give everyone equal time to share, and don’t turn discussion back to yourself when your not sharing.
Pray: Ask God to help us approach His Word through these questions as a daily pattern of life, so that our entire life flows out of our identity in Christ. May we settle for nothing less, O God!

DNA Groups Week 2 Video


Week 3: Nurture

Watch our week3 DNA video (below)
Discuss the above readings with your group in order to nurture one another’s faith.
  As you meet with your group, remember to:
A) Listen “for the heart” as the video encourages.
B) Ask good questions
C) Speak the truth in love
DNA Groups Week 3 Video

Week 4: Act

Read: feedback from city and state officials and Act Appendix
Prepare & Share:
Discuss: Answer the questions from the Act Appendix, from each categories (family, servant, missionary, disciple). Also, discuss the lighthouse project with your group and discuss how you can support one another as you take part.
Pray: That God would lead each member of your group to live as servants, missionaries, and disciples in God’s family. Also ask Him to help you live as a “Lighthouse” in your neighborhood.  Finally, pray that He powerfully blesses your group as you prepare for your Week 5 Conclusion gathering.

DNA Groups Week 4 Video


Week 5: Bonus week to identify passions

1. Watch the Week 5 DNA Groups video


2. Take the Passions Audit

 Click the above link to take the Passions Audit. Make sure to take notes as you fill out your Passion Audit so that you can discuss your answers with your group. You may not be able to print your finished answers!
3. Discuss your Passion Audit as a group.  What did you discover about yourself, you passions, and your purpose? What people group, neighborhood, or cause has God called you to share His good news with? 
Discuss the commonalities between your passions audits. Can you identify a common passion that could indicate a God-given mission for your DNA Group? Or, did your discussion shift your passions and interests in a new direction?  Share your discoveries with us at groups@surprisechurch.com!
4. Closing conversation:
Talk and pray about your DNA Group’s future.  If you wish to continue as a DNA Group, try not to base the decision purely on personality dynamics. The goal is to form longer-term groups that have identified a shared sense of purpose through the Passions Audit. Your DNA Group may identify a cause that resonates with other DNA Groups, with whom you can partner as a “Missional Community.”
On the other hand, if the members of your DNA Group feel called by God to differing passions, you can continue meeting and supporting one another while you individually seek groups whose identified passions that match your own (If we’re focused on mission and passions, we can avoid hurt feelings about personality issues that may otherwise drive these decisions). We’ll share the overall Surprise community survey results so that you can consider your options from among the priorities that emerge from the wider community.

Future Plans for DNA Groups

Email groups@surprisechurch.com to keep us posted and get support! And keep praying for God’s leadership and direction!