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Growth is NOT a mystery.

It’s a journey.

Your God-given potential is far greater than you know (Eph. 3:20 & I Cor 2:9). To remove the mystery from spiritual growth, we’re unveiling a simple plan that is clear, realistic, and downright exciting. Get ready to grow beyond your wildest dreams.
Join us for The Path for Growth, March, 2019. 

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Identities can be stolen. Protect yours.
When your identity is stolen, you lose your resources and good credit. Identity theft happens on a spiritual level when we define ourselves by looks, achievement, or reputation instead of our. This “demotion” enslaves us to appearances as we desperately try to become something in the eyes of others. 
Our only hope is to protect our God-given identity in Jesus. When we refuse to compromise this high status, we’re able to share God’s acceptance with others instead seeking their approval. 
Reclaim your identity, starting March 31. 
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