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Imagine yourself praying…
Most of us have muttered a prayer before a meal or called to heaven when we’re in a jam, but few have a daily routine of talking–and listening–to God.  And believe it or not, there are some simple steps that you can follow to make that happen!  We’ll provide a great booklet and a chance to learn about prayer alongside others who are hoping to do the same.
You’re invited to 20 Days to Pray this January, 2018. 

February teaching series:

Elvis was wrong about love.
The song Can’t help falling in love voices the popular belief that affection happens by accident. When Cupid’s arrow casts a spell on our hearts, sparks begin to fly. And when love runs out, all we can do is look for Cupid someplace else.
But in reality, true love neither comes about nor runs out by accident. And this isn’t just about romance. All relationships are guided by principles that can build lasting love and connection.
Get some help with love!
You’re invited to Falling in Love this February. 
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