A party like no other. 

We baptize individuals and their children they’re ready to devote their lives to Jesus within a community that will cheer them on. 
Join us for the party!
After Church Outdoors, walk across the street to Elks pool to celebrate baptisms, and stay to swim if you’d like until 9 PM. 
To be baptized or have you child take part, fill out our Baptism Application below and join us for our BaptiZOOM training below.  See our Facebook event >>

BaptiZOOM training

This 1 hour training explains the following:
-What is baptism?
-What happens at the event itself?
-What are “godparents” and “sponsors” for?
-How do I throw a great baptism party?
-How can baptism foster long-term spiritual growth?
Click here at 6:30 on Sunday, Aug 2 for a brief preparation for baptism.  You may use the password 782830 to access the conversation.  See Facebook event >>
Submit your Baptism Application to or call 701-319-9928.
While adults are very commonly baptized, parents

also seek to have their children baptized. Hope these links help! 

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